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    María José R. Escolar is a Spanish artist. She has a Degree in Fine Arts(University of Salamanca, Spain). She completed her formation in The Netherlands (Rijksakademie van Beeldenden Kunsten, Amsterdam) and in Belgium Institut Wallon de Formation IFAPME, Namur). In the last 25 years she has lived in China, Syria, Morocco, Belgium, Gabon and Spain. She is currently living and working in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

    María José began her career in 1989 and has featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, UAE, China, Morocco, Syria…  She is a member of the Board of The Art Circle, Abu Dhabi.  Last June, she presented the exhibition The Universality of Family Photographs in Warehouse 421, in cooperation with Lest We Forget. Tow pieces of her latest series The Colour of Memory will be exhibited in the ADMAF Pavilion in Abu Dhabi Art 2019.

    María José’s work (painting, sculpture, collage, installations…) is characterized by an intrinsic duality in which we observe a contrast of concepts and of ways of representing. Attracted from the beginning by the parallelism that she establishes between art and life, her works narrate the osmosis between reality and fiction, representation and life, technique and concept, where the objects depicted symbolize an idea or interpret a story. The titles of the series, as well as those of the different works inside these series, contribute in an explicit way to give another twist to what she wants to tell us. This duality is reflected in the technique and the materials used (flat sculptures in the series Mise-en-scène; academic drawings taken from their traditional place of exhibition and placed inside boxes full of sand in her latest series, The Color of Memory; surrealist images accompanied by texts in the Sandboxes series, where she shows us her perception of the world through “emblem cases”; the trompe-l’oeil effects in her series The Hands of the Soul, where painted photographs (synonym of true representation of reality) deceive us; or the flaky walls of the Pinilla series that serve as a background of fragments (legs, plugs, branches…) executed with great delicacy.



    2017 Kodak/The Hands of the Soul, Fundación Díaz-Canaja, Palencia, Spain. 2015 Espacio Rina Bouwen, Madrid, Spain. 2013 Portraits, Institut Français, Libreville, Gabón. 2004 Fleurs et pierres, Galerie Gavilan, Bruxelles, Belgique. 2003 Galería Sardón, León, Spain. 1999 Sand Boxes, Instituto Cervantes, Damasco, Syria. 1998 Galería Sardón, León, Spain. 1997 The Frontier, Centro Cultural García Lorca, Melilla, Spain. 1994 Secrets and Lies, Sala Luis de Ajuria, Vitoria, Spain. Galería Sardón, León, Spain.



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