Puzzle, Abu Dhabi 2020

The puzzle-shaped pieces that make up this exhibition are randomly assembled paintings, drawings, collages, engravings…which form a puzzle within another puzzle.

Facing these pieces, two unreeled rolls of paper reveal the same images, all of them based on the memory of my creative biography and its iconography.

In a disorderly way, like the pieces of a puzzle before we start to assemble it, these images go through the different series I have made throughout my artistic career.

The images are fragmented (as sometimes memory is) and almost monochromatic(as sometimes the past is)and they talk to each other within the same space, thus creating an appealing and consistent unit.

Reality,  fiction, truth, lie, writing, drawing, poetry, creation…they all move in a personal dance that invites anyone who approaches these pieces to follow their rhythm.

September 2020, María José R. Escolar