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    The Colour of Memory, Abu Dhabi 2017-2019

    I started this new project in Abu Dhabi, in the last months of 2017.

    The project The Colour of Memory is composed of several graphite and charcoal drawings made on paper with sand and several boxes containing sand and a drawing stuck on it (fragments of life).

    In a conceptual parallelism I play to identify memory with figurative image, and oblivion with abstraction, using classic drawing (line, perspective, chiaroscuro…) and masses of colour and sand (different textures and shades, expressiveness of the matter…).

    All the drawings appear fractionated, interrupted or invaded by the sand in a game of to rescue hidden’s images or forgotten’s.

    I had also been tempted by the idea of doing some works in black and white. In fact, the final paintings of The Hands of the Soul are monochromatic. Contrary to what the title of this new series indicates, The Colour of Memory, all works are made in black and white, and the only color comes from the sand.

    The subject of these paintings is based on emirate photographs (from the national archives and family photos) and my family photographs from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. While I am fully aware of the huge differences in culture and way of life between Spain and the UAE, I believe in the underlying universality of all human experiences and this is what I try to reflect through my works.