The Trip, Abu Dhabi 2021

The Trip is a project developed in collaboration between María José R. Escolar and the dancer and philosopher Fernando Lopez and presented in Jameel Arts Center  (Dubai) in Mayo de 2021. 

This journey talks about the mobility as a way of life and as a perspective for the artistic creation of two artists who live, work and create «in transit»: María José R. Escolar and Fernando López Rodríguez, Spaniards residing in Abu Dhabi at that time, who, in addition, they have had «other lives» in places like France, Germany, Morocco, Syria, Belgium, China, Gabon, etc.

In this dual project, the painter and the dancer-philosopher combine their artistic languages ​​to compose a «danced exhibition» in which Escolar’s works will be moved, toured and traveled by López’s dance. 

Rodríguez Escolar has, as totems of different sizes, a series of circular bases that support transparent methacrylate cylinders. Inside they keep, as if they were fragments of life, a puzzle of paintings and drawings arranged on a cylindrical support that is stranded on a sand base that partially covers it. The artist proposes to the visitor a circular route around these works in order to make a perceptual journey in which the gaze is choreographed from the beginning to the end: in this way, each visitor-spectator can carry out, within each one of the works, his own journey.

López’s dance navigates around these sculptural elements, choreographed like a braid of danced gestures that guide the viewer-visitor from one work to another. The movement also rests on a sound background that speaks to us, like the works of the painter, of the trip, not only as a philosophical concept but as a story, and that is built by weaving together sounds, music and oral memory of Spain and the United Arab Emirates, making use of the same compositional principle used by the painter: the trip as a story; the story as a “patchwork” of memories that are freely linked to each other.

María José R. Escolar & Fernando López

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