Bio & Statement

María José Escolar is a Spanish artist. She has a degree in Fine Arts (University of Salamanca, Spain). She completed her formation in the Netherlands (Rijksakademie van Beeldenden Kunsten, Amsterdam) and in Belgium (Institute Walloon de Formation IFAPME, Namur). She has lived in China, Syria, Morocco, Belgium, and Gabon and United Arab Emirates. She is currently living and working in Madrid (Spain).

María José began her career in 1989 and has featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in many countries.

During her stay in the United Arab Emirates, she has been an active member of the creative arts scene, participating in several exhibitions, including The Universality of Family Photographs at Warehouse 421, with the American curator Michele Bambling (June 2019); The Trip, an art-installation and performance with the dancer-philosopher Fernando López, at Jameel Arts Center in Dubai (May 2021); The Rhythm of Patterns, a group exhibition curated by Nina Heydeman, at the Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi (April-June 2021); and Interconnections at Sharjah Art Museum (April-June 2021).

She was also a commissioned artist in the ADMAF booth in Abu Dhabi Art 2019 and In September 2020 she presented a solo exhibition, called Puzzle, at the Anabel Segura Cultural Center in Alcobendas (Madrid).

She is the Artistic Director a Founding Member of The Art Circle (Abu Dhabi)

Her works are present in private collections in different countries as well as in foundations such as ADMAF (Abu Dhabi, UAE), at Maraya Art Center (Sharjah, UAE) in public institutions such as INJUVE (Spain).


My work (painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, installations…) is characterized by an intrinsic duality and a contrast of concepts and ways of representing. Attracted by the parallelism between art and life, my work focuses on my life and my experience, on memory and, my latest works, in my creative biography, establishing an osmosis between reality and fiction, representation and life, technique, and concept.